What is In-Site SEO Work?

Analyzing and improving whether the components that form the basis of the site are working correctly are within the scope of on-site SEO studies. In this process, the technical performance of the website is performed and then the performance and technical parts of the website are improved. After these analyzes, how your site looks and errors are determined by search engines and shared with the technical teams of the websites. After these studies, websites begin to be indexed by Google, reaching the related users much more easily and taking place in searches more.

What is Offsite SEO Work?

The studies carried out for the purpose of suggesting the website by high quality and reliable sources, that is, creating an image that the site is reliable and high quality, constitute non-site SEO studies. At Google, if a website gets links (i.e. referred to) from truly reliable sources, that website is also of good quality and suitable for display to users. Off-site SEO studies based on this logic are made to be recommended by reliable and reputable sources in order to move the prestige of the websites to the top.

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